The context surrounding an enterprise, created, and influenced by multiple inherently uncertain forces, can significantly impact the fortunes of a business. While this volatility has come to be expected as normal, not every business emerges from it having tackled the situation with the same resilience. Those that get a head start in preparing and taking on the challenges are also the ones that come out of the uncertainty with the ability to outperform in the recovery.

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Booking Holdings

Changing the game with intelligence

Molina Healthcare

Building a data fabric on cloud foundation


Scaling enterprise efficiency




Driving responsible by design operations

FY 2023 Business Highlights


Infosys achieved industry-leading revenue growth of 15.4% with healthy operating margin of 21.0% for fiscal 2023. Our ESG Vision 2030 and ambitions continue to drive value for all our stakeholders.




20.7% growth Y-o-Y
15.4% CC growth Y-o-Y

Digital revenues
(as a % of total revenue)


25.6% CC growth Y-o-Y

Operating margin


Robust operating margin

Basic earnings per share
(par value of ₹ 5 each)


9.7% growth Y-o-Y

Consolidated cash and investments(2)


Continue to main strong liquidity position

Dividend per share (in ₹)


9.7% growth Y-o-Y

Buyback completed


at an average price of ₹ 1,539.06

Return on equity


Improved by 2.1% over the last fiscal

Free cash (1)


FCF conversion at 84.8% of net profit

Large deal TCV
(Total contract value in US$ billion)


Sustained momentum in large deal wins continues

Number of US$ 50 million + clients


Strong client metrics with increase of 11 clients Y-o-Y

Tech for Good

114mn +

Lives empowered via our Tech for Good solutions in e-governance, education and healthcare

Carbon neutrality

Carbon neutral for 4 years in a row

Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Women employees


Steady progress towards gender diversity goals

Carbon offset programs


Rural families continue to benefit

Digital skilling


People are a part of our digital skilling initiatives


Fresh graduates hired globally


(1) Free cash flow is defined as net cash provided by operating activities less capital expenditure as per the Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows prepared under IFRS.

(2) Comprise cash and cash equivalents, current and non-current investments excluding investments in unquoted equity and preference shares, and others.

Nandan M. Nilekani
Chairman’s message

Navigating uncertainty

“The era of optionality is upon us. Optionality can take various forms. In our IT infrastructure, it is the ability to dynamically reconfigure the way we work – remotely, in office or hybrid. In the area of talent, it is about building and deploying agile learning platforms so that our people can hone their skill sets to match new demand and new technologies. It is about having a digital-first and AI-first business architecture which can be constantly configured.”
Nandan M. Nilekani
Chief Executive Officer

Letter to the Shareholder

“We have developed a strong set of capabilities in generative artificial intelligence to enhance how we enable our clients to derive value. These capabilities are available to all our clients in the form of Infosys Topaz TM. ”
Salil Parekh
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Salil parekh

Integrated thinking at Infosys


Our integrated thought process is engineered to create, sustain and deliver value to all our stakeholders. We achieve this by adhering to a strong set of values and code of conduct, being aware of key developments in the external environment, deploying resources optimally, executing our holistic strategy and continuously monitoring and managing any risks to our business.


Code of Conduct and values

Code of conduct and ethics set forth our core values, shared responsibilities, global commitments and premises

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Informing our thinking

Today’s highly dynamic technology landscape demands that business leaders address the twin imperatives of extending the value of existing investments, and transforming and future‑proofing their organizations in ways that are both disruptive and visionary.

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Resources we deploy to create value

Financial capital Financial capital
Natural Capital Natural Capital
Intellectual Capital Intellectual Capital
Manufactured capital
Human Capital Human Capital
Social and relationship capital Social and relationship capital
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Our Strategy

We have embraced a four-pronged strategy to strengthen our relevance with clients and drive accelerated value creation

Scan Agile Digital Scan Agile Digital
Reskill our people Reskill our people
Energise the core Energise the core
Expand localisation Expand localisation
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Our ESG Ambitions

To shape and share solutions that serve the development of businesses and communities

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Delivering Value


Financial Capital

We obtain our Financial Capital through the funds generated from our business operations and financing activities.


Revenue growth


CC Revenue growth


Operating Margin


Dividend per share growth


Return on equity (ROE)


EPS growth

31,695 cr

Robust working capital

AAA rating


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Human Capital

Nurturing talent for the future is essential for our continued success. We have long established paths for employee upskilling and reskilling, and our efforts have been well-rewarded, providing value to our people and us.


Employees globally


Employees have voluntarily disclosed their disability


Nationalities in the workforce


Employee satisfaction score


Employees trained in digital skills


Fresh graduates hired globally

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Intellectual Capital

Our Intellectual Capital is driven by agility, flexibility, and innovation. We are committed to working with experts, partners, academia, and other stakeholders to develop new products and services that meet the needs of our customers and communities.


Of our total revenue comes from digital technology services and solutions


Infosys Knowledge Institute assets


Client living labs

“Well known”

Trademark for Infosys in India


Patents owned by Infosys

Industry leader

Rating for iCETS platforms by analysts

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Natural Capital

We have been at the forefront of climate action, starting well before international treaties and global commitments came into place. Our environmental performance over the past decade is a testimony to the fact that economic progress can go hand in hand with environmental sustainability.


Of electricity for our India operations comes from renewable sources


Rural families benefited through carbon offsets program

Carbon neutral for 4 years in a row


Wastewater recycled within our campuses

28.9 mn sq.ft.

Of highest-level green certified space

7 years

Of CDP climate leadership

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Manufactured Capital

Our Manufactured Capital includes our energy-efficient offices, data centers, innovation hubs, digital studios, and our technology infrastructure across the globe. Our infrastructure is modeled taking into consideration stakeholder expectations of our commitments towards climate change mitigation, judicious use of natural resources and preserving our environment.

75 kWh/sq.m./p.a.

Building EPI


Radiant cooling solution patented in Europe and India


Weighted average PUE of data centres

35 mn sq.ft.

Of office space monitored through Infosys command center


Of internal IT application workload migrated to public cloud

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Social and Relationship Capital

Our Social and Relationship Capital guides us to bring the interests of our stakeholders to the fore. As enterprises focus on reshaping their businesses in the digital era, we are helping our clients drive transformation. Our social ambition focuses on serving the development of people by shaping a future with meaningful opportunities for all.


Scientists honored with the Infosys Prize since 2008

8.5 mn

Learners enabled in digital skills


Local hiring across geographies

517 cr

Global CSR spends

114 mn +

Lives empowered via Tech for Good programs

3.8 mn

Beneficiaries of CSR projects in India

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Value Creation Model

value creation model
value creation model

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