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The Superfan Safari

Spotted at the Australian Open, a particularly rare species of fan prowling the grounds and the courts. Watch our campaign film for AO24 to find out more.

Graffiti Art Meets AI

What's a fitting 'Welcome Back' to one of the greatest players of the game? We found our inspiration in the arc of a brush and the stroke of a racquet. Through AI Visions, we reimagine Rafael Nadal using Gen AI graffiti. A larger than life tribute to a larger than life legend.

AI Superstrokes

AI is smashing the data game this year! Uncover fresh perspectives and new insights, in real time, as your favourite players battle it out on the court.

AI Meets Experiences

AI Meets Fanzone

For the second year in a row, the Infosys Fan Zone has been designed to be completely carbon neutral, by building with recyclable materials, offsetting with carbon credits, and upcycling the material used. Inside, you'll find a host of experiences that take you to other dimensions and celebrate our collective love for the game.

AI Meets Auditorium