Enterprises are moving away from monolithic packages and massive implementation cycles towards shorter agile implementations, made possible by the cloud. Many enterprises are moving to the cloud to transform their applications, optimize their business processes, and make themselves infrastructure independent with a comprehensive suite of services. Shifting applications to the cloud is a strategic way through which enterprises aspire to not only improve agility but also enable digital transformation.

To better understand the experience of application cloud transformation, Infosys surveyed enterprises across the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and solicited views from 853 executives from organizations with over US$1 billion in revenue and across 12 industries.

The study aimed to get a comprehensive view, both from strategic and implementation angles:

  • The strategic viewpoint included enterprises’ need to move their applications to the cloud, expectations, concerns, and expected outcomes
  • The implementation viewpoint included insights on the overall experience, challenges faced, methods adopted, and extent of adoption

Enterprise applications are a critical part of business. This report provides information and insights from our respondents on their idea of moving applications to the cloud.

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The Key Findings

Top four drivers for moving enterprise applications to cloud

55 % Data security
51 % Increased resilience and availability
49 % Reduced capital costs
47 % Enhanced scalability

Four clusters of enterprises based on their focus areas

46 % Business-focused
Visionary enterprises focusing on business outcomes
14 % Agility-focused
Progressive enterprises focusing on improving organizational agility
24 % IT-focused
Enterprises focusing on technology-led operational outcomes
16 % Ad-hoc
Enterprises devoid of vision and plan for IT or business transformation

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