Mainframe Modernization

Mainframe applications are highly complex, monolithic, and inflexible to adapt to changing business needs. In addition to this, the shortage of legacy skill sets can also lead to potential operational risks in the near future. Yet, enterprises aspire to be agile, flexible, and robust. Hence, modernizing the legacy mainframe applications is of primary importance to unlock hidden business value.

Infosys utilizes the "Accelerate, Renew, Transform" approach and Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform for end-to-end modernization of mainframe applications.

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How we can help

Help clients set about a seamless, non-disruptive mainframe modernization journeys

How do I guarantee data assurance?

Helping clients assess their current state and suggest the best way forward

Our advisory and consulting services assess the client's current state, identify the right future disposition for each application, create a roadmap, business case and timeline for migration/modernization.

How do I guarantee data assurance?

Use business logic to optimize clients' expenditure

Infosys in-place modernization services help clients optimize their current costs, minimize technical debt, and reduce the batch window. We also renew existing applications by exposing prevailing business logic and mainframe data through APIs, enabling DevOps, and converting batch workloads to real-time.

Automation led Cloud SecOps

Make applications future ready by migrating mainframe workloads to cloud

We help enterprises migrate the workloads off the mainframe by rebuilding the applications in modern languages with cloud-native capabilities and optionally deploying them on cloud as well. The applications can be rehosted (lift-and-shift) to cloud with minimum changes to code and data. They can also be replaced with packaged (COTS) or SaaS solutions.

Our Offerings

Find the right modernization strategy, roadmap, and solutions for migrating your mainframes