Watch Infosys at Davos 2023 Highlights

The Infosys Lounge

Panasia Gallery, Promenade 91, Davos Platz 7270

January 15-19, 2024

Finding certainty in uncertain times calls for being responsive while being responsible. Operating amidst continuous disruption requires new directions to steer change. Whether it's economy and sustainability, education and inclusion, uniting technology and humanity, we're striving to make a change that lasts. To evolve to what lies ahead and amplify the potential that can be, Infosys is bringing perspectives and partnerships to the World Economic Forum 2024. We seek to make a future that is more digital and equitable by being AI-first to navigate your next.

Being AI-First


Being responsive while being responsible.

Finding certainty in uncertain times.

Imagining boldly and shaping it sustainably.

Making a future more digital yet more human.

Evolving to what lies ahead.

Amplifying the potential that can be.

For everyone. People, businesses, communities.

That’s being AI-first


Insightful Evenings at The Infosys Lounge

A Sustainable Presence

Sustainability is embedded into the fabric of Infosys. Our presence at Davos 2024 will be completely carbon neutral, reflecting our net-zero perspective beyond the enterprise. All avoidable emissions will be offset with the use of sustainable methods and materials. For unavoidable emissions, Infosys are investing in commensurate certified Gold Standard carbon offsets.

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